Make your print media interactive
and convert your readers into buyers!

Fashion and lifestyle magazines have the power to inspire people’s lives. However, in today’s interactive world, this inspiration ends with the turn of a page.

We found it as a business opportunity – 61% of readers want to take action, such as visiting a website, after seeing a print ad or products they like. Use the buying power of your readers and convert them into buyers at the moment of the inspiration you created, and increase attractiveness of your print media for all stakeholders.

Our unique services are based on a mobile application that uses a sophisticated scanning software component and data analytics engine. iine platform creates a new reality for magazines that provides a source of new business and embraces the opportunity of digital growth. It builds membership programs and enhances loyalty, and gives you knowledge about your readers and how their decisions are influenced by the content of your magazines and other print media.

White label app

We provide a white label solution. Thanks to this, your magazine receives its own branded and personalised mobile application with its individual content and advertising ecosystem. You can expand your business into mobile and benefit from new channels in an easy and quick way.

Flexible Content Management System

We know that editing magazines is hard work. Thus we made every effort to create an easy to use CMS. You do not need any IT knowledge and complicated implementation to use our system. Our system gives you an opportunity to manage the content according to the specific needs of each magazine.

Data analytics

We follow each reader activity since the moment of scanning a single page. Our data helps to analyse your content attractiveness and how it impacts the action taken by your readers. Reports allow to measure: value of the advertising placement, conversion rate and anticipate trends and popularity of specific products and brands.

Benefits for publishers


  • Innovative way to make an interactive magazine based on your static print issue.
  • Bridging analog and digital helps to close a loop and build a new business offer for advertisers based on reader actions and suited branded content strategy.
  • Catching a reader’s moment of inspiration is a unique opportunity for publishers to leverage their relationship with marketers and advertisers to new levels.


  • Stabilise and increase the number of readers and sales value.
  • Readers have a new experience and reason for regular magazine purchases.
  • Membership system enhances loyalty and creates the possibilities for in-app monthly and annual subscriptions of the interactive digital magazine issue.


  • Unique knowledge about your readers and their shopping behavior
  • Ability to present how magazines influence brands and product sales
  • Strong arguments for your business offers
  • Valuable information how to improve content and brand presentation


iine gives a new opportunity for Marketers and plenty of business categories where print media is used on a regular basis.

Would you like to know how we can help expand your business with our iine mobile platform?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to answer your questions and prepare a personalised solution which can have a real impact on your business.

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