iine affiliate network opens a completely new
revenue stream through print media

Catching consumer attention is more difficult today than it used to be. One of the touch points we offer is the contact with your brand proposal while reading magazines. Print media spending is focused on inspiring future consumers, build brand awareness and finally support their buying decision.

Today, consumers want to have a short and simple way to purchase desired products. That’s why we created iine mobile application. iine lets readers shop directly from magazine pages. Simply turn on the app, scan any page and instantly buy all products you like.

Magazines use our solution as a white label that creates reliability and let brand owners expand their existing cooperation. iine affiliation network gives your brand entrance to a new way of shopping and opens a completely new revenue stream from most relevant target groups. Target groups that you already identified as your ideal consumers through your advertisement and product placement in particular print media.

Benefits for brands


  • New active touch point helps generate more traffic to your e-commerce and retail shops.
  • Building a new shopping experience can influence customer loyalty and increase purchase frequency.
  • Innovative notification system can be used as an efficient tool of activation according to your sales strategy.


  • Affiliation becomes part of integrated marketing activity
  • Affiliation has direct influence on the effectiveness of print media spending
  • Data analytics provide specific information about brand and product popularity among selected group of readers


  • Innovative way of branded content distribution allows to develop a consumer-brand relation
  • Increases of your brand awareness
  • iine Membership model gives you access to Premium Clients
  • New channel of communication

Partner Brands


iine gives a new opportunity for Marketers and plenty of business categories where print media is used on a regular basis.

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can have a real impact on your business.

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