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iine is a powerful plug-and-play solution for publishers that converts your print media into dynamic commerce platforms. It opens direct mobile access to shopping online and in retail shops, and uses the buying power of your readers. With only a few clicks of their mobile phones, your readers can access all desired brands, services and products.

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How it works


Moment of inspiration

Magazines and catalogues inspire its readers. After seeing an inspiring advertisement or article, 61% of readers want to take action, visit relevant website and buy products. Allow your readers to make the purchase right at the moment that matters the most.


Interactive experience

Let your readers simply scan a page and discover all brands, products and services. Convert your static print magazines or catalogues into dynamic commerce platforms.


All content on every page

Let your readers buy conveniently all products and services promoted in your magazines or catalogues. iine links every product, service and editorial content to online and retail shops.


Turn your readers into buyers

Let your readers enjoy products they purchased. Engage your readers and drive sales of products directly from the pages of your magazines or catalogues.

We created iine to build a new reality for publishers, brands and consumers.

Allow your readers to make a step in the moment that matters most.

Core benefits for ecosystem players


  • Innovative features with attractive value for readers
  • New revenue stream through sales commissions
  • New source of advertising income
  • New benefits for advertisers
  • Easy way to implement interactive solution into existing publishing system
  • Simple way to embrace mobile channel and build interactive print media pages
  • Useful data analytics of readers activity and motivation


  • New source of traffic for e-commerce and retail shops
  • Affiliation as an active part of integrated marketing activity
  • New opportunity for customer relation development
  • A growth of effectiveness for print media spending
  • New channel for branded content distribution
  • Unique way to enhance loyalty programs


  • Consumer can check and buy exactly the same product as seen in print media
  • Smart and quick way to do shopping online via mobile
  • New experience while reading and new reason to buy print media
  • Quick way to get to know product availability via store locator
  • Notification system allows to be informed about new arrival
  • Special promotion and special offers for app users
  • Access to additional content
  • Reading, inspiring, buying at the same moment

About us

iine was founded by a group of fashion and lifestyle market insiders who understood the tremendous opportunity of influencing consumer buying behaviour, experience and patterns of consumption in the fashion market segment. Our close to 20 years professional experience and successful careers from diverse fields such as fashion, advertising, finance and IT, both in Japan and globally, gives iine team a huge potential for approaching our products and solutions holistically and creating great end to end experiences for consumers.

The company developed iine platform – a revolutionary mobile application and loyalty program for the readers of fashion and lifestyle magazines. Our unique product is a membership program based on mobile application that uses a sophisticated scanning software component and as a back end, consumer data analytics engine. We created iine to understand and revolutionise fashion and lifestyle consumer shopping behaviour and experience. iine uses data analytics of consumer actions to guide advertisers and retailers on what motivates consumers, what they want and desire. iine’s mission is to ultimately close the distance, between consumers reading a magazine and buying products – and build an attractive and effective ecosystem and become a part of the dynamic growth of online sales channels.

Jakub Ślusarczyk

CEO & Co-founder

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Rouven Woszidlo

COO & Co-founder

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Tomasz Śmiłowicz

CSO & Co-founder

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Magdalena Matejek

Managing Director

Maciej Duda

System Architect

Piotr Kapica

Business Development

Ph.D. Katarzyna Sekścińska

Consumer Engagement Strategist

Marlena Woolford

Fashion Trend Expert

Renata Bryczek

Business Analyst

Tomasz Wisniewski

Business Analyst

Ph.D. Piotr Wnuk-Lipinski

Computational Intelligence Expert

Dorota Szczesna

Data Analyst

Maciej Duda

System Architect

Jędrzej Fijałkowski

DevOps Engineer

Robert Hryniewicz

Software Developer

Piotr Kowalczyk

Software Developer

Meline Aslanyan-Ropielewska

Quality Assurance Specialist

Monika Skoczylas

Software Tester

Justyna Macura

Software Tester


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